Betaal is an Indian horror TV series recently released on Netflix. It would fair to say that there was hardly any excitement for this series. That may be due to a weak trailer or the cast. There are hardly any big names which is a surprise considering this series is produced by Red Chillis banner.

The story starts in a remote village that needs to be vacated for highway construction. The villagers are reluctant to vacate the land for a simple reason that the whole place is haunted & it will unleash terror if altered. The friction with villagers, road constructor is forced to call a special force to vacate the land. The special force after clearing the village has to perform one more tricky job. Clearing a tunnel, a tunnel which is home to Betaal an evil soul. Here the plot takes a sharp turn. Special force is able to clear the tunnel but in result releasing the Betaal.

Betaal has 4 episodes & the writing is awful. There are so many gaps in the writing that after some time you will laugh or get frustrated with the storyline. Even the cast is not suitable for the storyline & at times you will feel some scenes are forcefully incorporated to show fake toughness, humor, or any such emotions.

Betaal missed the mark by miles. The plot of the series is good its just that it should have been created in a much more formed manner, carefully stitched together. You can enjoy Betaal on Netflix. Netflix is a streaming service on a subscription-based model. Each week numerous series, movies are released on this platform.

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