Blockchain Revolution: A Book Every Crypto Enthusiast Should Read

Cryptocurrency rose to new heights in 2018 due to its high demand. However, since its all-time high in Jan 18. Since then, the prices are plummeting. So, what is this all about why people are excited about this new technology. Anyone who is new to this field should read about the technology before jumping into this whirlpool.

The book provides a wonderful & simple insight about this technology. A truly complete book to read. I tried to read many books in this field. But, each book was too technical & somewhat lagging in explaining how it will impact our daily life & why should we even care about this technology. So, in that prospect, this book is very helpful. It explains the concept in laymen terms & also where & which possible fields it will impact the most.
You will hear every now & then that this technology is awesome & great. But, how to measure that? This book is a solution to all those queries.

Blockchain has n numbers of using cases. Right from financial to any form of company which requires the trust to function. So basically, blockchain can disrupt each & every industry which has a trust factor in it. Blockchain started with the financial sector & products like Bitcoin & Litecoin are the example of it. Different blockchains can be used for different purposes & all the altcoins are representing those businesses. Thus, there are so many altcoins which are trying to make an impact on different industries.

People are in high regards for this new technology & if you trust all the things that are said in this book then you can imagine a world of minimum downtime which means that everything will be connected real time with no governance & if something happens on a particular network then it can be resolved automatically. This technology is that powerful.

Like every new industry, this industry also has challenges to be solved & that is why it has been conveyed that we are very early on this technology. If everything happens as explained in the book; boy we are in for a ride in the near future.

Not many books were able to point down challenges faced by this technology & this book did that. Hence, I liked the book a lot. As this book will teach you all the basic stuff you need to know. A very insightful & resourceful book to have in your library. Do read this book if you are even slightly interested in the BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve this book might just provide a much-required thrust. So, don’t wait anymore & order your copy from here.

I am a travel freak & managing my travel blog I am covering my adventure through my blog. I am also book lover & philosopher & dreamer

I am a travel freak & managing my travel blog I am covering my adventure through my blog. I am also book lover & philosopher & dreamer