Book Review: 21 Lessons For 21st Century

If Sapiens was the book for the past & Homo Deus is the book of future. Then, this book is about the present moment. Author has a wonderful knack of putting up points. It is hard to cover such vast topics & such vast subjects. But, Yuval Harari has managed to put all of this together in this epic saga.

This book is divided into 21 chapters, each dealing with one unique topic. Author has managed to cover all the major topics of today’s world like war, education, religion etc. Each one explained perfectly. After reading this book, one might doubt his or her beliefs.

Each chapter starts in continuation with the previous chapter & once you are at the end it will all make sense to you which is author greatness. The book is a hard-hitting truth about today’s world. The most fascinating chapters in the book are God, Secularism & meaning. All these chapters hit on the nerve of the human mind. The thought that the author has put behind compiling all these facts are just amazing. Also, one of the points about the religion is that every religion thinks they are the center of the universe with no one actually able to give concrete evidence about how it all started. It is amusing to see that origin of the world has not been explained in any of the pious books.

The chapter work should be read by people who are in schools or just entered college. As with the advancement in the AI, most of the laborious work will be eluded from the human history. Then, why people are taught which are not going to matter in the future. Some of these questions need to be answered by everyone.

Above are just a few examples from the chapters, there are 21 chapters & each chapter has something new to offer to the mind. The concepts in the book can expand the horizon of the mind. I would recommend reading this book for pure knowledge; to know where we are heading towards & why it is important to think what & how we are conducting ourselves as times are about to change drastically in near future.

If you already liking the book, you can grab it from here.

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