Book Review “Bad Blood”

Bad blood is a story about the company rather face of the company Elizebeth Holmes. A 19-year-old Stanford graduate who wanted to change the world with its device. Popularly known as iPhone for blood tests. A device which can test 200 odd diseases with only a few drops of blood & can be placed at home. A device which was meant to save millions of lives. So, how this noble cause of saving millions of people turned into a drama of fraud & cheating. This book covers the roller coaster ride of a company’s exponential growth & also its falls.

Elizebeth Holmes is a child prodigy & anyone who knows her knows the fact, that she will do something good even great with her life. Her academics allowed her to crack one of the most prestigious colleges in the world, “Stanford”. Standford has a history of producing some of the greatest minds in the world. She was not different. A spark in her eyes & a vision to change the world.

She thought of a machine which can reduce the pain of needles & cost. A machine which can analyze 200 odd diseases only using a few drops of your blood. A machine which can be stationed at your home & a machine which can help you take precaution even before the disease pops up. All this was promised by the “Theranos”, a revolutionary company to help you defeat diseases.

Almost all the medical companies required huge capitals & there where no shortage of Venture capital firms which were willing to put a bet on this new company. Soon she raised millions of dollars & one point of time the company was valued at 9 million dollars that too without any working prototype. Holmes was able to convince most people about the product without actually showing it to anyone.

After years of cheating an ex-employee tip, a journalist (who is an author of this book) about the false practices carried out by Theranos & soon it was game over for Theranos. This is an epic story to read, what success can do to person behavior. This book is also in the list of best books to read by Bill Gates. So, what are you waiting for Grab your copy at the earliest.

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