Book Review “Basic Blockchain”

Bitcoin is recently getting bullish & when Bitcoin runs, it leaves behind every other asset class. But, bitcoin fundamentals are based on a new tech, known as the blockchain. Blockchain is the newest revolution in the technology world that is reshaping our world. Basic Blockchain is a book written by David Shrier, a professor at MIT & University of Oxford. He is also co-creator of the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme. As everybody knows, blockchain is a building block of a decentralized world. Building blocks should be easy to grasp & can be taught to everyone. However, till now this seemed to be a far fetched idea. Although many authors tried to explain its relevancy, yet nobody was able to make it easy. Will Basic Blockchain will be different? To know more here is a book review of Basic Blockchain.

Bitcoin is in the world since 2009 & after much debate, people have now acknowledged its presence & now building new horizons on the same line. Bitcoin is working flawlessly since 2009 & some credit has to be given to its underlying technology blockchain. Blockchain is a distributed ledger that uses a particular mechanism to ensure the integrity of the database. This unique experiment is revolutionizing the way we perform our day to day life. Everyone who has read about blockchain has a glimpse of things that is in store if it becomes successful. So, this book is unlike any other book that covers this complicated topic. This book will teach you concepts in a very simple language. There are no fancy words or a high level of technical terms while explaining complex concepts.

Basic Blockchain covers the topic of blockchain in three parts, each of which expanding to 5 to 10 pages. First chapter is about the foundation of blockchain, how it was built, concepts behind this technology & every detail that you should be aware of while using this tech. Once you are aware of all the concepts like double spending, nodes, Byzantine consensus, etc; you are ready to jump into its hype. Second chapter talks about various industries that will be reshaped by blockchain. The financial system is already acknowledging the power of bitcoin. But, blockchain is not limited to the financial system, industries like supply chain, health, energy, real estate all will improve their efficiency many folds. Each sector performance can be enhanced by removing third party interference & any governance. There is no better site than watching everyone perform their functions in optimum capacity without any supervisor & blockchain can do this without any flaws.
After covering the industries that are going to be changed, the last chapter talks about things that can be done to make this mainstream. How one can educate themselves with this technology, what should the government do to support innovation & what the future beholds?

A simple & short book to cover all the basics of blockchain. Any person who is looking to build something should be aware of the advancement in the technology, that it will help them to shine. Reading this book is important if you are looking to jump into bitcoin & blockchain. After reading this book, you will be able to understand the core concepts of blockchain & why it is working as flawlessly as it is doing. So, I will surely recommend reading this book. A summary of what is in the store & why it is important to have an eye on this field. You can grab the copy from amazon.

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