Book Review “Blue Ocean Strategy”

Blue Ocean Strategy is a masterclass & a national bestseller. The book is about creating a niche market to avoid cut-throat competition. One of the gems of today’s world this book can help you to beat the market & make it incompetent.

The book is divided into three parts

First Part: The book starts with a basic understanding of the blue ocean market & what all matrixes to be used while constructing one strategy. This part also explains various frameworks & tools to help you derive on the strategy. The author uses numerous case studies to prove points. The real-life examples are good enough to visualize how the framework perform.

Second Part: This part will help you to formalize the strategies. How to be different from the competitions. This part will help you to touch various pivots which are important & making this strategy work. There are different touch points which will impact the growth of the business & this part will help you with the same.

Third Part: This part is about execution. After the formulation of the strategy, it is important to execute the plans. The difficulty one has to face & how to overcome it is the final step of the process. The various methods one can use to motivate the employees are as essential as a formulation of the strategy.

Who Should Read This Book?

The person who is working in a competitive market should read this book without fail. The managers are constantly facing an uphill task of beating the competition & in this time; where the innovation is the key. This book can help you to set framework & rules to beat the competition regularly & constantly.

So, all the managers what are you waiting for grab your copy at the earliest & make the most of it.

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