Book Review “Educated”

Tara Westover is a historian in American society. Educated her memoir held No 1 bestseller position for some time. Educated is her journey. It is not often one who has not been to school in the first 17 years of her life & still writes a bestseller book. The book is divided into two sections. She starts with her family background; her father who believes in the concept of Illuminati & believes school will brainwash his child; Her mother who is a housewife in the early part of her life but learns about stuff like a midwife; her brothers who are made to work in the fields in tough situations.

There is an instance where the new year is about to arrive & as her father is conservative in many sense is sure about doom just past midnight. Obviously the same doesn’t happen, but this shows how the person thought process.

Her struggle is disheartening to read. She has a talent for singing one of the rare instances that her father approved off. She did the best to her abilities. It can be sensed that her early life was lived on the practical knowledge. Everything was homemade even the medicines. She had to follow strict dress code & perform duties just like her brothers.

At the age of 16, she felt the need for schooling. But, to get into the school she needed a score of 27. However, with no one in the family supporting her love for education (except her elder brother). She self-taught herself everything & finally able to obtain 28 marks to qualify for the admission.

The second part of the book covers her journey of graduation; how difficult it was for her to keep upbeat with her peers. During this part of her life, there were many instances when she thought of quitting the study & move back with her parents due to financial status, but there was always some silver line which denied this event. She managed to graduate with the help from her parents, teachers & friends. There were few outstanding parts in this section especially with her professor who teaches her one of the most important aspects of life & her graduation day which is an emotional section.

In this section, her tuning with her father improves & there is a drastic change in her father’s nature. The transition will make you a bit emotional but, yeah this what life is. You transit from one phase of life to the other.

After enrolling to prestigious Harvard University; she completed her Phd. But, while reaching this landmark; what all she loses is explained in the third section. The book is an emotional ride, the different flavor of life & different shades will keep you humble.

A great book & one of the classics of this modern era. Still thinking about the book. Grab your copy from here.

This book is for every individual who is afraid to go against the tide. The problems that can occur while paddling against the tide is a lesson to be learned. Her journey is emotional & it will glue you to the different stages of her life. After reading this book you might be able to take better decisions.

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I am a travel freak & managing my travel blog I am covering my adventure through my blog. I am also book lover & philosopher & dreamer

I am a travel freak & managing my travel blog I am covering my adventure through my blog. I am also book lover & philosopher & dreamer