Book Review “Factfulness”: Mark My Adventure

I stumble upon this book while going through the blog of the great Bill Gates. According to him, this book should be in your reading list. This sentence alone was enough for me to order it from amazon. At the start of the year, I made a promise to read atleast 24 books this year & till now I have read 19 books.

Not taking any more time & starting with the book detail & review. This review of the book is my personal point of view & if any one gets offended or has any other view I totally support the fact.

Every now & then a news arise that world is not a better place to live & sooner we will die due to our own happenings. If you ever have come across such thoughts then you must read this book. Author has some different thoughts than most of the journalist. According to him, the world is getting better. This is basically the theme of the book. Author motif is to tell the readers that world is actually becoming a better place to live & to back his theory, he has explained 10 points along with various examples to prove his points.

Why to read this book

I come up with following points based on my reading & analysis.

his book is for everyone who is feeling that world is ending & more dreadful than ever. However, after reading this book you will calm down for sure. Author has done all the analysis & along with putting real life examples to prove the point.

or those people, who wants to learn about data analysis. How one should analyse the data & come up with the answer or analogy.

you want to change the perspective of your analysis. Author has jotted down few points which should be kept in the mind while listening to all the news & data.

Is it worth reading?

Yeah, the book is worth a read. There is so many points that can help you in real life. This book should be re-read each year & should be in your bookshelf.

If this review encourages you to read the book. I would be more than happy. Also, if you want to suggest me anything feel free to do it. Looking to buy this book already click here.

I am a travel freak & managing my travel blog I am covering my adventure through my blog. I am also book lover & philosopher & dreamer

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