Book Review “High Output Management”

High output management is a management guide for all budding managers, senior managers or any other person in the decision making position. There are hardly any books that talk about the challenges faced by managers. The book high output management is written by Andrew Grove, former CEO of Intel. He pinned down all the possible points that can impact the life of managers. I just completed reading this book. So, here is High Output management book review to help you decide if it is worth reading or not.

A spoiler this book is not for everyone as it will take you to the depth of management concepts. There are many theories or concepts in particular that will help you to upgrade your current skillsets. It will not only increase the thought process but will also question each process that has been taught. There are many theories that are running through ages but hardly of any use. At Intel, Andrew made sure that there was thought behind every recruitment & every process that was set & if something was not at a place he would tweak it to his advantages. Some of the theories mentioned in the books are as follows:

Blackbox method: In this method, you have to imagine input & output through the black box. You need to cut through the process & see how much time & how efficient the process is. Is there anything that can be avoided to improve productivity & output time? Not all processes need this type of methodology for analysis but can be done for most of the processes especially the complex ones. This method helps you to cut down through the process & see how each step is behaving in the complex mechanism.

Indicators are a few aspects that tell you the story of the situation. One must include indicators while predicting the output. These can help alot in forecasting as well as getting ready for the future. The author explained the concept through the breakfast factory. Actually, the book starts with the problem of the breakfast factory faces. How to improve productivity & what all factors need to be covered while planning for future steps.

After starting the book with the breakfast factory problem. Author sails through other aspects of management like compensations, negotiations, discussions, performance reviews, etc. This is a perfect playbook for managers. It will encourage managers to take bold steps & change the lives of millions. Even if you are not looking for any management lessons you can still read the first chapter & think accordingly. At times I got bored of reading the book but that was because it was not related to me any sense. But, the first half of the book is amazing & should be read by young minds as well. As it will teach them how to think about a problem.

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I am a travel freak & managing my travel blog I am covering my adventure through my blog. I am also book lover & philosopher & dreamer

I am a travel freak & managing my travel blog I am covering my adventure through my blog. I am also book lover & philosopher & dreamer