Book Review “How To Make Millions With Your Ideas”

How often you find a blueprint of all the ideas that you can execute & get the results. Not often, I guess. Here is a book which is about ideas, ideas about making your dream a reality. How To Make Millions With Your Ideas is a blueprint to all the ideas that one can implement in their products, manufacturing, sales, etc. In short, whatever business you are in, this book will give you some great ideas to execute it differently. Here is the book review of the book, How To Make Millions With Your Ideas.

The book comprises of many chapters, which talks about different ideas & genres altogether. The author will explain each topic with numerous examples to prove his point. Further, while explaining the lessons, he also mentions the underlying principles that should be kept in the mind while performing the act. The great thing about the book is, it comprises of real-life proven examples, which keeps the book real.

The topics covered in the book are telemarketing, product, packaging, sales, etc. Every topic has a chapter dedicated to itself, that talks about real-life examples of various people who thought differently. The principles covered in the book are simple & tested the time. So, it is guaranteed to work for the most number of times.

Some of the best ideas mentioned in this book are as follows:
*) Sell Time
*) Tweak, Tweak, Tweak
*) Provide customers with an exceptional guarantee.
*) Keep it simple
*) Use Synergy

So, all these principles have a story behind it. So, if you are interested in knowing the story, you will have to read the book. I feel this book will be not much of a use to you in this era, as all the things mentioned in the book can be learned online or through some blog because of the access to resources available.

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