Book Review How To Stop Worrying & Start Living

How to stop worrying & start living should be in your library. There are hardly any books which can be read at any time. But, this gem from Dale Carnegie makes that cut. The book talk about why people & how one can overcome that. When reading this book, you will get the feeling like yeah one should do like this & should behave in this particular way. However, when facing the difficult all the education just vanishes. During those unfortunate time, this book can be a savior.

I started reading this book as my yearly challenge & the moment I started reading; I could sense how important this book is for every living being. Everyone is facing some or the other issue & facing difficulties with mental strength is pretty much inevitable. This book teaches you to avoid all the unfortunate events & start enjoying life as few aspects are unavoidable.

Each chapter ends with few macro points which is explained deeply in the chapters. If a person can memorize the points he or she can have a changed life. The examples explained in the chapters are real & masterly written.

The book mildly touches the power of mind for more detail on power of mind one can refer The power of subconscious mind.

Why To Read This Book?

cater stress in a more productive & effective way. There is so many examples in the book which will tell you how to act & beat it.

his book covers most of the topics related to life. So, you will surely find something which can help you to overcome the current problem.

his book shares the tips & techniques to overcome stress which are very effective even today.

bible to be read each year till every points is clear in your mind. One of the best books for this generation.

I truly feel this book should be there in your library & should be reread every now & then.

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