Written by the author of Steve Jobs, Einstein & Benjamin Franklin. Like all his previous books this book has covered the life of a man who was a genius of his time in detail. Walter Isaacson has a special talent to cover the lifespan of people. He has a unique style to describe each & every aspect of their life. He describes in such an intriguing way that it becomes impossible to not to indulge in it.

Leonardo was a man whose curiosity allowed him to challenge the norms. He was a painter, engineer, architect & what not. He explored every topic he found interesting. Of all of his work, he was famous for his paintings. The last supper & Mona Lisa are examples of his proficient paintings. The way he used to observe the subjects & reflect the same in his drawings are some of the points to notice.

To perfect his art, he dissected men, women, animals; so that he can perfectly sketch them. He combined both maths & science in his drawings. He was one of the people who used 3D painting, along with the early believer that heart is pumping blood, not lever. There are many such fascinating kinds of stuff in the book.

Who Should Read This Book?

Everyone should read this book for one reason i.e the devils lie in the details. The grit & observation of the guy was too unrealistic. There are many incidents where he was able to depict the real thing. The expressions, the motion in the pictures are too realistic.

He was mostly self-taught, so one can inspire with that fact. Anyone who is cribbing for lack of resources can take the inspiration from him.

Passion supersedes everything; he was not looking for money, he was not looking to make name for himself. However, he wanted to explore all the possibilities that crossed his mind. A pure genius he was.

Grab your copy here. This book is surely a keeper & should be re read to get some inspiration & to get glimpse of how the world’s best carry out their job.

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