Losing my virginity is an autobiography of the famous Richard Branson. A guy who is known for his magnificent lifestyle & richness has his own story to tell. How a guy raised in middle-class family rose up the ladder is some story. The book is divided into the years of his life. Each year is about the things that happened during that particular year.

Each year some ups & down & he was able to overcome all the obstacles. If you are starting a business you have to eat glass & shit glass. It’s that difficult & even for this man it was the same. Every year he fought one battle or the other to keep his company alive. The book chapters are written nicely. However, I felt a bit disconnected from the content. At times, I was not able to relate to it. I have previously read many biographies & each biography I read thus far was very gripping & page turner. But, this book is not in that league. The struggles are real, but the stories are so much in depth. At some parts, I felt like skipping the pages & I did that.

Who Should Read This Book?

If people tell you its easy peasy to start a business, do read this book. It is an eye-opener in terms of how difficult it is actually to start a global business. At each stage, one needs to fight a new battle where the rules are new & the situations are new. So, everyone who is looking to jump in the water should read this for sure.

Apart from that, there is nothing new in the book.

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