Book Review “Millionaire Success Habits”

Becoming a millionaire is everybody’s dream & lots has been written on how to become one. There are plenty of people who will teach you about how you can be a millionaire. But, is it achievable? Is it possible for anyone to become a millionaire irrespective of their background? Dean Graziosi is a motivational speaker & personal finance guy. He takes pride in changing people lives & as per him if you can perform few important steps. You will reach financial stability & financial freedom irrespective of your current situation.

I have realized after so many books in the field of self-help. The primary most thing that one needs to do is to develop a mindset. It has been said so many times that “Control Mind To Control Your Destiny”. This book also starts with changing your mind’s attitude & to change your thinking you need to change your habits. This is the building block for new life. It is hard to change your habit & it takes months of discipline to achieve it. So, the foremost thing that you should start is developing good positive habits.

After developing positive habits, you should determine your goals. So many times we are unclear of our goals. We don’t know where we want to go in life. Often we are jumping from one thing to other which is not great. We should fix our goals & should work as per that. The obstacle will be there but rather getting bogged down by obstacles we should be motivated by our goals. So, have concrete goals

As explained in my post Hike & Life. There will be instances where you will feel lost. As our mind is set to avoid pain & hard things. As soon as, it will face some difficulty it will tell you many stories, mainly negative stories to encourage you to quit. But, this is the time where your habits will come into the picture. If you have trained your mind perfectly, you will prefer positive thoughts over negative thoughts which will further improve your determination & chances of success. So, make sure you tell positive stories to yourself.

These are the basic principles you should follow. The shining goal which should keep you ignited & a heart to pass all the obstacle & achieve your goals.

So, if you will ask me is this book worth reading? My answer would be definitely. There are so many lessons to be learned from this book. The concepts are pretty simple & easy to apply. So, if you want to change your life, your story read this book. Don’t read it, also apply it & who knows you can be on the list of next millionaires.

I am a travel freak & managing my travel blog I am covering my adventure through my blog. I am also book lover & philosopher & dreamer

I am a travel freak & managing my travel blog I am covering my adventure through my blog. I am also book lover & philosopher & dreamer