Book Review Origin Story

Origin Story is about the origin of Earth. There are many theories about the Earth origin & this one believes in big bang theory which raises questions. However, the story starts with it. After the big how actually the Earth formed shaped is explained. The book is a bit technical at the starting. After that one will read few familiar words.

The book has to cover a lot (probably the whole history of the earth) in under 350 to 400 pages. Thus, the author is in a fast lane. There are few aspects which are new to the readers & some great insights. However, if you have read Sapiens than this book will not surprise you. I would recommend reading Sapiens compared to the Origin Story. I get to know about the book from the blog of the famous Bill Gates & he feels this should be in everyone’s reading list.

For me, the book is a decent read. If you have an eagerness to read about the topic then only start reading this book. Else you can skip this book.

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