Book Review “Steve Jobs”

The book Steve Jobs is written by Walter Isaacson, he is famous for writing books on the much-celebrated individuals in their field. In fact, as he likes to project is the people who dented their respective field to start a new era. He has previously written about Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein & Benjamin Franklin. With the pattern of his work, it can be easily interpreted that he only chooses the best.

The book is pretty lengthy as author covered every aspect of his life. Author has dissected his life & opened it for the world. Since his early days, Steve jobs has a thoughtful personality. He had a knack of finding what will work best for him. Along with having this greatest boon of finding the best time or best product. He was an erratic person who was not afraid to speak his mind. He has way word thinking but most of the time he was able to pull that off. This was one of his many traits. Where he was able to manipulate the person as per his liking.

There are lots of great lessons to be learned from his life, the way he transitioned himself from being a founder of the fastest growing tech company to an outlier finding his feet, after being fired from the company he founded. He had a sense of finding the right click. His product sense was awesome & it backed up with his marketing expertise. He believed in perfection & expected the same from others. The same can be learned by the fact that he fought with everyone else in the team to remove a screen from the iPod nano, an end to end control etc.

Also, the way he spent time preparing a presentation. The details he wants to perfect is inexplicable, before presenting a product. He sat on each seat & checked the lights. By this, you can imagine his dedication to the product. Without a doubt, he was an innovator & disrupter. His inputs are still making an impact on his peers.

Even though his life was an inspiration for many. He had his own issues, his relation with his daughter was not great early in his life. Then, he founded one of the greatest companies in the world & got kicked out of that. After that, his health issues popped up which created havoc in his life. His eating habits were always vague & he often had sympathy issues. He was unique in his style & service. He was a legend who challenged the norms of the world.

He wanted to build something which was bigger than his name, bigger than anything available during that time. He wanted to put a dent in the universe & he did it some aspects, iPhone, iPod, iPad are all examples of his innovations & his technology sense.

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I am a travel freak & managing my travel blog I am covering my adventure through my blog. I am also book lover & philosopher & dreamer

I am a travel freak & managing my travel blog I am covering my adventure through my blog. I am also book lover & philosopher & dreamer