I stumbled upon the book Stumbling on Happiness through various personals who mentioned this as one of the best books to buy in Tools of Titans a book written by Tim Ferris.

Stumbling on happiness is a book about the human mind. A mind which is sad & happy & determines it will be happy or sad after getting the desired result. But, the question remains does it happens this way?

This book starts with the human mind formation & the part which is responsible for filling your mind with different thoughts. Each chapter explains the various phases of the happiness cycle which is a valiant effort by the author to make one understand few aspects like why we are more likely to forgive a cheating partner or why we feel we will be happy after buying a new object or why we can never predict future accurately no matter how hard we try.

Author has explained the psychology of the human mind in a gripping way. Although all the points explained in the book are explained in the book Thinking Fast & Slow. This book has provided a new spectrum to understand the human mind in a more efficient way.

Each chapter of the book can be a summary but, somehow author has managed to compile all of these together & present you a wonderful product. A great book to read for all the curious mind. Maybe you are not as unique as you thought to be.

If you are not afraid of spoilers below are the few points which have been explained in the book.

*) A life with blindness is about a lot more than being blind, but when we imagine life as a blind person we tend to only think about seeing and forget all the other parts of life.

*)Our brains “fill in” all sorts of information each day. Our predictions are influenced by our experiences. We make assumptions about things that we predict based on the previous experiences we have had or heard about before.

*)”They only think they’re happy because they don’t know what they are missing.” That’s actually the point. Not knowing what we are missing is the very thing that allows us to be happy despite not having some other opportunity.

*)We like to daydream because the mere dream itself can be a joy.

Above points is just the tip of the iceberg. The more you will dive into the book the more surprised you will be. Don’t wait more & order your copy now. Don’t let your mind filled with other thoughts.

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