Book Review “The 5 am Club”

The 5 am Club is written by the famous author Mr. Robin Sharma, author of national best-selling books like The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Who Will When You Will Die etc. Like his previous books, this book is also self-help & it promises to teach you about the steps required to attain such feat.

The story starts in a seminar hall where a group has come to listen to an influencer. While giving a speech, the influencer had an attack & panic starts in the crowd. Two people come forward one is an entrepreneur & one is an artist who is looking to help him. There is one more guy with a shady appearance, who is blabbering something from the far. The helpers are nervous & start to share their stories. Both are having trouble in their personal life. In meanwhile the shady guy starts to spill wisdom which was least expected from him. Both the person are in aww with & wanted to learn the mantra.

Citing the willingness to learn he invites them for a life-changing trip which will be sponsored by him. Seeing no other option both accepted the offer & next day they are taken to an island in a private jet of shady guy which eventually is a billionaire. The billionaire teaches them the secret of life & tell them to follow these steps religiously.

At some point, the author takes ages to explain the point & the reading becomes a bit boring. Also, even after reading the points, there is nothing new to be learned. The points are explained in most of the self-help books or podcasts. However, if someone has started reading self-help book; they can read this book & can start their journey towards changing life.

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