Book Review “The Compound Effect”

Einstein once said that The compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world & he was right about the compounding effect. The author stamped on the statement said by Einstein. It surely is.

The author is against the concept of overnight success which is true in every sense. According to him, people are misguided when they hear that you can get whatever you want overnight. For reaching desired results, you need to work daily & slowly build your path to success.

All the great success are built upon the habits that one has. So, it is important to form habits in sync with the results you want. So, if you want to be an expert on some topic. You should make a habit of reading about that topic regularly & stick to the pattern through thick & thin. Remember this sticking to the pattern will reap awards beyond your measure.

Life is happening to you & it is the greatest myth that you can control life. One can’t control life & this is how you control life. You only respond to life’s menace. So, you always make choices that suit your personality irrespective of the situation.

Momentum is required to gain paces during the dull phase of life. You need to constantly work toward your goals & for that you need momentum. High rhythm can take you anywhere.

Everyone needs a mentor. A mentor who is already at that position where you want to see yourself. Mentor will help you sail through a difficult time & will also help you to make a difficult decision.

One needs to slowly build on the above-listed points & should keep working on them till you can see the gains. The gains might come slowly but it will surely come. Once the results of your effort will reflect on your life, you will in for a ride. You can’t imagine the awards if you are able to work on these principles.

A great book to read, you can also read The Power Of Habits, which is also in the same lines. Further, every financial book talks about the compounding effect & if you can master this hidden art you will surely reap the benefits.

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