Book Review “The Fountainhead”

This is a classical novel & I am too small to review & provide any feedback to this goliath of work. The fountainhead is a work by Ayn Rand, the person who also wrote Atlas Shrugged. Her books consist of deep meanings & also a strange point of view about the world. The fountainhead is one such story of an architect, who loves his designs too much. He is too much involved in his work for his likings. Because of which he faces backlash & often finds himself secluded from the herd.

The book is divided into 4 parts & each part is a story of a character in the book. All the characters are connected to each other through one thread or the other. Each main character has a part dedicated to them, the details & philosophy of in those parts is mesmerizing & fabulous. There are many great lessons to be learned about life. Also, each part showcases the true nature of people. How greedy people are & what they can do to win over others. Not even a win, extreme measures that they take to maintain their fake status. The complexity of the characters & their background is one hell of a story. The author covers the past & the present situation of the characters in a perfect blend.

The hero of the book is Howard Roark, an architect who wants to create something that is worth doing. He is not into building regular buildings & earn a commission but to build something that impersonates the true meaning of the building. As pursuing something unique requires a lot of guts & some brave decisions. During different parts of the book, it will get evident how other characters played evil roles to pull him down mainly because of his guts. The book is about Roark, who had everything but still was not able to find his mojo. Even with so many roadblocks he never gave up trying. At one time you will feel disheartened by the way other people wanted to hurt him. It is an underdog story of a person fighting against the world.

But, as in every story, a person just needs a small inspiration to overcome all his or her problems & in this story, Gail Wynand proves to be that guy. How his & Roark collaboration changes the story. A great book to read & so many great values that can be taken from this book. This is also one of the most read books in history. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to read this book.

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