Book Review “The Future Is Faster Than You Think”

Imagine a nanoparticle flowing through your blood vessels & figuring out which body part is getting attacked & without the help of any doctor rectifies it. The problem will be solved before even surfacing. Not just only this imagines a situation where you have an AI that can book an automated car self-driving you to your desired location. All of this can be done without you being directly involved in any of the steps. Finding it amusing? Don’t be the world is going to change faster than you can imagine. This book is all about the future that is not so far from your reach.

The book is divided into many chapters, each stating how that industry will change drastically. The industries covered in the books are real estate, tech, finance, biotech, etc. So, if you are looking to gain some perspective about how your industry will change drastically, order this book from amazon at the earliest. Will be explaining how some of the industries will be completely transformed for the better.

Gaming Industry:
The gaming industry is nowhere close to where it should be. If any has watched Ready Player One, that should be the benchmark for the gaming industry. Wear a VR headset & teleport your self to some fantasy world. No more experiencing the game from the TV set, you will be teleported to the gaming world, a place which will be as good as real-world & exciting part is that you can feel, respond & experience everything through your avatar. The glimpse of it was showcased by Pokemon Go, that literary transformed people’s lives.

The finance industry is already in the middle of a transformation, with the introduction of Blockchain, the personal financing & banking system is already facing some heat. The middlemen are taken for the swing. Bitcoin a peer to peer currency that is eliminating the middlemen, transaction costs, & transaction time will soon revolutionize the banking system. Not only this, but the smart contracts are also coming to the picture that will automatically transact the amount after the completion of clauses.

A microscopic robot that moves through tissue in a guided manner. These microbots can carry diverse payloads that can be released on-demand, exactly when & where needed. The same is still far from daily use, but it is developing at a faster pace. Sooner, 90’s will be new 60’s with the advancement in the medical fields.

These only very few of the industries that are going to be changed for the better. As most of the development curves, the changes are slow & mundane for the most part of the time. However, a point comes when there is a tectonic shift in the technology that allows industries to grow exponentially. So, if you are excited about the future & want to be part of such a massive event. Read this book a great book to read if you want to foresee the future.

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