Book Review “The Inevitable”

The Inevitable is a book written by the founding editor of the magazine “Wired”. As one can sense, this book is about technology. Lately, I wanted to read about the upcoming technologies & while surfing internet; I came across this name. This book is about future forces which will govern our world.

The author talks mostly about the changes in technology & why we are still at the beginning of the next era. At this point, we have everything to shoot for the next milestone. Soon technology will be much more embedded in our daily lives.

The book is having 12 chapters which cover different aspects of technologies. Some of these aspects are sharing, accessing, flowing, congnifying, etc. Each topic has been explained by nearly the same examples. All the topics covered in the book are currently in daily practice. How companies are using different ways to promote themselves & what is making them click.

Some of the points explained in the books are

*) Flowing of information
*) Ease in sharing
*) Ease of accessing
*) Ease of remixing
*) Ease of availability
*) Scalability
*) Artificial intelligence

All the above topics & many more topics are explained in the book. There are many books better than this which deals with future technologies in a much better way. I was not impressed with the book & hence won’t suggest this book to you.

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