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Mumbai is a dream city for many people for its powerful vibe, urban outlook, high spirit & unprecedented opportunities. It is hard to ignore this city. Many people have come to this city with nothing & built the lives of their dream. Mumbai has a special place in people’s hearts. Even on the world stage, this place has made a special place for itself. Regarded as one of the costliest cities to stay in the world, this place is something for sure so I felt a Mumbai travel guide is must; not just for information but for some guidance. Trip to India is incomplete if you don’t visit this metropolitan, modern city known as Mumbai. Mumbai is the financial capital of India & it is also home to one of the richest people in the world; one of the richest actors in the world; a sporting God & many more such celebrities. It can be said, if you want to create something this is the place for you. So, here is a Mumbai travel guide to help you enjoy this city in a fulfilling way.

Mumbai has an international airport in the city & all the major airlines have connectivity to this place. One can literary book tickets from any major city to this city. Mumbai Airport is one of the best in the world & thus you can come easily spend few hours here. You can check flight tickets from the following link. Also, for Indians, trains are the easiest way to reach Mumbai. All the major cities are connected to this metropolitan city.

Mumbai is a metropolitan city with a modern outlook. But, there are still some of the unique things that can only be enjoyed only here. So, here are the top things to do in Mumbai.

A Mumbai travel guide is incomplete If cost of the basic amenities are not covered. Although, Mumbai is one of the costliest cities to stay in India. But, it can be covered in a reasonable budget. As there are so many options to choose from. So, here are the broad expenses that should be kept in mind.


Accommodation is highly expensive in Mumbai because of the shortage of land space. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t get any cheap options for staying. There are huge numbers of hotels available to choose from. It is not an option of how to find cheap accommodation but where to find accommodation. Mumbai is a big city & it can take 1 hour to reach another part of the city. So, choose the place & then find accommodation. Some of the best places to find accommodation are Bandra, Juhu, Colaba, Lower Parel. So, based on the location you can choose hotels in Mumbai.


India has a special cuisine. There are hundreds of mouth-watering dishes at every price range. Street food is dirt cheap & tasty. So finding a great dish at a cheap price will never be an issue in India. The only problem would spice & if your stomach is up for the challenge. The price starts from Rs 10.

Commutation is highly effective & cheap one can find tuk tuk, uber, ola with ease. Most of the mode of commutation has fixed base fare. Thus, nobody will charge more than the metered reading.

Apps For Riding:

There are many taxi aggregator in Mumbai which can be used for commuting. The charges are pretty reasonable so one can book & enjoy your ride to the destination. Uber & Ola are leading taxi aggregators in Mumbai.

Local Trains & Mumbai Metro:

Local trains are the lifelines of Mumbai. It runs across the length of Mumbai & is also the fastest way to commute. But, traveling in a local train requires a lot of guts are people will flood the trains during peak hours. But, if you want to experience how local commute this is a perfect way to experience it. Mumbai metro is still in its early phases but once the construction completes it will be connect whole Mumbai.

Mumbai is among the safest cities in India. It is only among the few cities in India where Police are highly active. But, that doesn’t mean you are not in for petty thefts. Petty thefts are pretty common in India & it is advisable to keep an eye on your belongings. Enquire about the place before visiting it. As I have seen people asking money from foreign nationals for not carrying a passport which is pretty absurd. But, one can expect such instances in India. Nevertheless, it is one of the safest cities in India for solo & group travelers.

Mumbai is pretty humid & hot most time of the year. So, bring your summer clothes while traveling to Mumbai. It is advisable to see the place where you & then decide on the clothing. Exposing clothes should be avoided in public places.

Each year lots of people visit come to Mumbai & I wanted everyone to create Mumbai travel guide for solo as well as group travelers. Mumbai travel guide is a way to help you plan your trip in an efficient & fulfilling way.

Mumbai is one of its kind of city. There are so many people that you will never be alone anywhere. Also, it is one of the most modern & advanced cities in India. Mumbai’s nightlife holds a special place among the youngsters & it is among the only few cities which are alive even during the night. It is amazing to see high rise luxurious apartment & slum in a single frame. The disparity between the richest & poorest is easily differentiable. But, the never-dying spirit of people & the ability to accommodate everyone is the high point of the city. So, if you will ask me Is It worth traveling to Mumbai? & my answer would be “YES”. There are many great places to visit near Mumbai, places like Matheran, lonavala, Igatpuri, etc all are great places to enjoy natural landscapes & some quiet time.

I hope this Mumbai travel guide will help you to plan in a much better way. This Mumbai travel guide will help you find valuable tips & use them to your advantage.

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