Pataal Lok is a brave try to depict politics, strategy & past. As per Hindu mythology, Pataal is known as a place below the surface of the earth, which is known to accommodate all the evils. Since the lockdown, there are hardly any new series or movies. During this dreaded time, releasing a crime drama is pretty much welcomed by the audience & it is a great move by Amazon prime India.

A cop who is nothing, a media person who is going through a rough patch, 4 hired assassins who goofed up a job, that leads to their capturing. These are few characters in the plot around which the story revolves. The story starts with 4 assasin decided in the middle of the job to not to proceed ahead with it. A tip allowed cops to capture all of them & as the jurisdiction was of the cop. He was given in charge of the case.

The cop gets involved too much in the case & finds out, the case is not as simple as it earlier seemed. There are many layers to each one of them & a twist in the plot. The main character (the cop) goes through a lot & his relationship with his wife, son, a subordinate & his senior. The story is beautifully written. However, the plot building a bit slow. But, on the other hand, the characters are superbly picked & each one of them worked fabulously well. The plot is enticing enough to keep you glued to the screen.

Some of the people consider it as an amazon’s sacred game. But, sorry to disappoint you, folks. Sacred Games was a notch higher than Pataal Lok. However, not to take anything away from this series. It is a fabulously written & wonderfully directed. I only hoped the ending would be a bit spicier. As many of us know not everyone knows how to end a series. There are many disappointments in this list. Neglecting the ending, this crime drama is wonderfully knitted & shows how far writing has come in India. Heads off to the team who are creating such wonderful content for the viewers.

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