A relationship is probably one of the things that will last until your deathbed if stakeholders are willing to work towards the same. There are many pillars for a great relationship between the spouses & everyone of them should be given equal importance if you want your relationship to work. One of the pillars is sex. A great sex life will keep you close & will also keep you happy. If you see the list of divorces, the topmost would be sex or it will surely be in top 3.

Over a period of time, people lose their will to carry out great sex. There can be many reasons for the same, naming few, tiredness, stress, lazy, not excited enough, etc & after some time people stop putting efforts as well. This is the nail in the coffin. The unwillingness to work leads to distancing. However, not anymore. Like everything else in the world, sex is also innovating. There are many new ways that are there to help you spice it up. Below is the list of few things that you can use if you are reeling through a boring sex life. It is always good to spice everything up. So, there is no monotony in life.

With so many personal awareness brands are competing with each other to attain some extra ground, getting spicier has never been so easy. After the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, personal awareness products are selling like a hot cake. This generation is not afraid to try new things & want to explore all horizons. But, remember spicing up is just one part of the relationship, heart to heart connection still holds the top position. Nevertheless, if you are connected but the same routine is killing you. This is the best time to spice it up. You can refer to following ways for some inspiration.

Sexy Lingeries: There is nothing that beats revealing clothes. You should wear such clothes that it makes him or her run imaginations like a bullet train. You want him or her to be excited to find out. An unknown destination is always exciting, La Senza has upped its game in this field. There are many wearables which are not too naughty but not too boring as well. If this doesn't suit your requirements, go to google & find the things you are looking for. Don’t wait for the right moment & make this moment right by acting correctly. Men’s thongs are picking up the trends & will suit you perfectly during intimate moments.

Sex Toys: This decade has been fabulous for the Sex Toys, there has never been so popularity about using it. But, better late than never. Sex Toys is becoming a game-changer for sex deprived couples. This can spice is it to another level. Toys like Vibrators, Dildos, lubricants & what not will help you achieve the joyous state which was missing for a long time.

Roleplays: Performing the same routine is boring & after some time. People are not happy to be the same. So, the best way to break this chain is role-playing. Don’t be boring couples, play something, a game, strip poker, or perform roles. Let your imagination run & let it flow, don’t try to control it but let it wander. Discuss your thoughts with your partner & then perform it. Be supportive of each other & enjoy it together.

These are just few things that you can do to spice it up. There are many other ways which can help you become spicier by the day. Remember, a great relationship shall be complete in its self. Especially for intimate moments, be it talking from heart or making love. One should be comfortable with the other insecurities & shall talk it to eliminate any roadblock in your relationship.

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