People in India are often afraid to travel solo. It’s changing slowly but taboo of traveling solo is still prevailing in India.

When I booked my ticket for first ever solo trip. People stared me like I have committed some crime. I was really amazed to see that people are afraid to break the stereotype. I am a rebellion by birth. By rebellion, I am not saying I break a rule or doing opposite of what I have been told. I am rebellion to challenge the norms. I want to create new rules & live life in a more fulfilling way.

By traveling solo I realized that it ok to stay alone rather than being lonely. I could figure out the difference of alone & lonely while on the journey.
I became more confident while making a decision. I have seen people struggling to make a simple decision like choosing which color will suit you. I am not sure why it is considered as a crime to commit a mistake. While on traveling I made tons of mistakes but it only helped me to grow better.

While traveling I loved the nature. I could connect with it much efficient way. I can feel the warmth of environment, I am more attentive towards nature & surrounding. With Mobile 4 inch screen is becoming new eyes to see the world. I am still an old school to look outside to experience it.

The news is continuously filled with the assumption that X country people are not good to tourist. But, after traveling to 3 countries I never encountered this problem. Maybe I am bit lucky (touch wood) or maybe I have not come across such people yet. But, with all the experience I feel this world is a beautiful place.

Here is some of the point to back up my solo traveling expedition. I am eager to understand why all of you travel solo?

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